Summer fun with PVC

How many new family swimming records will be set in the coming weeks? Summer is a great time for some family fun in the pool or at the seaside. But have you ever considered the role that durable PVC products play in making those moments memorable and safe?

Potassium hydroxide in your bathroom

Take a look around your bathroom. How many products do you own and use that contain potassium hydroxide (KOH) from Vynova? Even though it’s not always mentioned on the ingredients list, there’s probably quite a few, as KOH is used in many conventional and natural soft and liquid soaps and shampoos as well as half of all shaving creams and body depilatory creams.
So, what is potassium hydroxide? Why is it so essential for personal care products? And why isn’t it always mentioned on the ingredient list?

House of PVC - Episode 4: Water for our homes

In every society much work goes into supplying our houses with fresh and potable water. In the past this meant hauling buckets of water from the nearest well or creek, a situation that unfortunately still persists in many parts of the world. The installation of PVC water supply networks over the past century has transformed the lives of millions of people across the world by providing clean and fresh piped water to their home every day to drink, cook or wash. PVC is also commonly used to build sewer systems to safely take used water away from our homes.

Crystal clear: the role of potassium carbonate in glass manufacturing

Glass is an unmissable part of our daily lives. From reading glasses, windowpanes, and mirrors to smartphone screens, artwork, and tableware, glass can be found throughout our homes. Glass is also indispensable for industry and science. To give a few examples: high-temperature glass walled furnaces, microscopic and telescopic lenses, test tubes, and so much more.

House of PVC - Episode 3: A window of opportunity

Watching the snow gently fall through the window of a warm and well-insulated room, did you ever consider the instrumental role that PVC windows play to keep our homes comfortable and cosy during cold winters?


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