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At Vynova, we are committed to contributing to healthy and safe nutrition, protection of the environment and a sustainable future.

As part of this commitment, we are now launching a full range of low-chlorate potassium derivatives to address new market needs and developments.

Thanks to this new product line, we can continue offering potassium derivatives of the highest purity and quality for food applications.


Committed to the environment

Committed to safe nutrition

Highest purity grades for food applications

Potassium Hydroxyde 50% Solution

Potassium Hydroxyde Solution

Potassium Carbonate Solution

Potassium Carbonate Solid

Potassium Hydroxyde Solid

Committed to the environment

Our products contribute towards a sustainable future, both directly and as the basis for innovations by our customers.
Our conduct is rooted in the fundamental principles of protecting people and the environment.
To reduce our impact on the environment, we apply state-of-the-art energy-saving technologies and we secure all our raw materials, intermediates and finished goods in line with best practises for handling, storage and transport.


Committed to safe nutrition

Our potassium derivatives are used in numerous applications that benefit health and improve our quality of life.
Find out more about food applications of our potassium derivatives in our blog.


Potassium Citrate,
Keeping Your Food Fresh for Longer


Acesulfame Potassium, 
Staying Sugar Free


Potassium Carbonate,
Contributing to Better Chocolate

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Low-chlorate potassium derivatives

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