House of PVC - Episode 4: Water for our homes

In every society much work goes into supplying our houses with fresh and potable water. In the past this meant hauling buckets of water from the nearest well or creek, a situation that unfortunately still persists in many parts of the world. The installation of PVC water supply networks over the past century has transformed the lives of millions of people across the world by providing clean and fresh piped water to their home every day to drink, cook or wash. PVC is also commonly used to build sewer systems to safely take used water away from our homes.

PVC pipes are used in a wide variety of piping applications and are designed for outdoor use or buried underground:

  • High-pressure pipes for the distribution of drinking water under pressure;
  • Sewage and drainage pipes for the collection and evacuation of waste water without pressure;
  • Above ground rainwater products, such as gutters and downpipes to suit both domestic and industrial uses.

A durable solution

Did you know that the first PVC piping systems were installed over 80 years and that most of them are still in use? PVC pipes are not subject to corrosion and their expected lifespan is 100 years or more for underground pipes. PVC pipes can also be easily recycled into new pipes and other rigid PVC applications. An even greater level of sustainability can be reached by producing PVC pipes with bio-circular or circular PVC resins from Vynova.

A safe solution

PVC pipes are free from bio-film contamination that can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Due to their inertness and resistance to corrosion, PVC pipes are a safe choice for transportation of drinking water. By helping provide clean water, PVC pipes are beneficial to public health.

Glass with clean tap water

A sustainable solution

Furthermore, PVC pipes are easy to install and have long service times with minimal maintenance. PVC pipes have further clear environmental advantages: due to their low weight, less energy is used to transport and install PVC pipes. In addition, the smooth internal surface of the pipes reduces pumping costs and energy and leak free fittings help to eliminate water loss.

Continuously improving

Product developments and innovations in recent years such as foam core pipes, molecularly oriented pipes, large diameter pipes and new fittings have further improved the performance of PVC pipes.

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