Potassium (K) derivatives find their origin in an electrochemical process involving potassium chloride (KCl), a salt extracted from mines. KCl is the foundation of Vynova’s potassium derivatives product range.

The electrochemical process consists of passing an electric current through a brine solution (KCl dissolved in water). In the process, potassium hydroxide (KOH) as well as chlorine (Cl2) and hydrogen (H2) are formed. This electrolysis process is the foundation for a wide range of products that are used in our daily lives.

At Vynova, we produce potassium derivatives at our site in Tessenderlo (Belgium) and at our affiliated site in Thann (France). This means we are the only potassium derivatives producer with two manufacturing sites in Europe, offering our customers unique and flexible logistics solutions and a highly reliable supply. Combined with our broad product range, this makes us Europe’s premier and most reliable one-stop-shop for potassium derivatives. Vynova, The Potassium Derivatives Expert.



 Extensive potassium derivatives portfolio, delivering reliable solutions to a broad range of upstream markets.

 Fully integrated production facilities, providing an end-to-end supply chain that keeps safety and reliability risks to a minimum.

 State-of-the-art electrolysis technology, enabling the sustainable use of resources and energy during production.

Unique expertise obtained from over 200 years of chemical production in Thann and more than a century in Tessenderlo.


Chemical flasks of applications of potassium hydroxide solution



Field of sunflowers for the production of biodiesel, using potassium hydroxide solid



Fertiliser pellets, made using potassium carbonate




Vynova uses the latest membrane electrolysis technology and processes to initiate the decomposition of salt solutions for its potassium derivatives product line.

The resulting potassium hydroxide solution (KOH) is offered in a wide range of concentrations and can be supplied through a variety of transport modes. It is used at our manufacturing sites as a raw material to produce other potassium derivatives.

The resulting chlorine (Cl2) is used for our on-site manufacture of VCM, a key intermediate for our PVC production. It also serves as a raw material for our other chlorine derivatives such as hydrochloric acid (HCl) and sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl), in addition to being supplied directly to the market.

The resulting hydrogen (H2) is used on our production sites as fuel or as a raw material for other derivatives.

The production process for potassium hydroxide flakes and pellets consists in drying the potassium hydroxide solution that was formed in the electrolysis process. After solidifying, it is offered in various forms and concentrations.

To produce potassium carbonate, the 50% potassium hydroxide solution that was formed in the electrolysis process, is carbonated with CO2. The produced potassium carbonate solution is supplied directly to the market or used as a raw material to manufacture potassium carbonate solid.

The production process of potassium carbonate solid is based on the crystallisation and further calcination of a potassium carbonate solution. The product is available in granulated and fine powder form.

production process


Vynova is a leading supplier of a wide range of potassium derivatives in solution, flake, pellet, granulated or powder forms, and is dedicated to a variety of markets ranging from agrochemicals, food and feed, to pharmaceuticals, consumer care and industrial applications.

Potassium derivatives are crucial to many manufacturing and processing industries. Detergents and cleaners as well as specialty glass and photographic chemicals all rely on the processing or use of potassium derivatives to produce their intermediate or final product.

One of the most widespread uses of potassium derivatives globally is found in the agricultural industry, where it serves as an important intermediate/additive used in the synthesis of crop protection agents and as a plant nutrient.

As key components in the food and beverage production, potassium derivatives increase the shelf life and taste of food products. Potassium derivatives are also used as agents in personal care products, making life more comfortable, and as significant compounds in pharmaceuticals synthesis, contributing to our overall health and well-being.

Food and agro-chemicals application, children enjoying healthy snacks


With global food demand on the rise, potassium derivatives provide innovative solutions to help feed a growing world population. They help create complex fertilizers for greenhouse and outdoor crops, providing an essential tool for drought affected farmers.

In food production, potassium derivatives act as preservatives and acidity regulators for processed foods. In some cases it can also be used to improve the colour or taste of food products. The dried fruit industry enjoys a faster, improved control of the drying process thanks to potassium derivatives while in other food-related industries they are used as leavening agents in baked goods, as an effervescent agent or to reduce the sodium level of food products.

Consumer care application, hands applying lotion


Potassium derivatives are present in many home and personal care products, serving as direct intermediates for the formulation of, for example, moisturizers and lotions.

From bath products to oral and hair care items, potassium derivatives possess the right properties to act as bulking agents, abrasives, pH adjusters, buffering agents, absorbents and opacifying agents.

Transportation industry application, plane taking off from a deiced runway


Potassium derivatives are used for a wide range of industrial applications. The deicing industry uses potassium hydroxide in environmentally friendly solutions to deice airport runways, thereby enabling safe travel.

You can find many potassium-derived solutions at work behind the scenes to enhance material properties such as brilliance, electrical resistivity and increased temperature range.

Other general industry applications include the use of potassium derivatives as a binder and a fluxing agent in welding rods, in specialty glass manufacturing to increase a windshield’s refractive index as well as in metal surface, textile and water treatment.

Potassium derivatives in pharmaceuticals, pharmacist at the foreground


Vynova supplies potassium derivatives for a wide range of pharmaceutical applications, including the treatment of potassium deficiency in patients.

Potassium derivatives are most often utilized as a pharmaceutical excipient playing a supporting role to the active drugs. They help transport the active drug to the required site in the body while preventing premature release and ensuring steady dosing of the active ingredients. In addition, potassium derivatives can improve the taste of medication for children, help capsules disintegrate and act as a preservative, increasing the shelf life of pharmaceuticals.


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