Potassium derivatives, helping meat products stay fresh for longer

Meat preservation or meat processing is an essential part of the food industry. Without preservation, processed meat quickly loses its freshness and taste. Potassium derivatives from Vynova are a key ingredient in meat preservation agents that help control spoilage by slowing down enzymatic activity, inhibiting rancidity by preventing the oxidation of fatty acids and the growth of microorganisms.

How potassium derivatives help to feed the world

Fertilisers play an important role in modern day agriculture, increasing the production of biomass in plants, boosting yields, and contributing to the major challenge of feeding a growing world population. Potassium derivatives from Vynova are a key ingredient in liquid complex fertilisers that help to ‘feed’ plants so they can grow stronger, faster, and larger.

Enjoy the summer vibe with potassium derivatives

Summer wouldn’t be summer without potassium derivatives. From healthy meals with friends and family to fun in the water, potassium derivatives help to improve the quality of our everyday life. Let’s take a look at the role played by potassium derivatives during a typical summer day.

Crystal clear: the role of potassium carbonate in glass manufacturing

Glass is an unmissable part of our daily lives. From reading glasses, windowpanes, and mirrors to smartphone screens, artwork, and tableware, glass can be found throughout our homes. Glass is also indispensable for industry and science. To give a few examples: high-temperature glass walled furnaces, microscopic and telescopic lenses, test tubes, and so much more.

Potassium derivatives, making your baking a success

Baking is always a fun family activity and not one that you would immediately associate with Vynova’s product portfolio. However, potassium derivatives from Vynova play a hidden, but important, role in making your baking a mouth-watering success.


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