Summer fun with PVC

How many new family swimming records will be set in the coming weeks? Summer is a great time for some family fun in the pool or at the seaside. But have you ever considered the role that durable PVC products play in making those moments memorable and safe?

Enjoying active swimming in open water?

Only you and the horizon out there, but of course when enjoying such an amazing experience, you should not forget about your safety. Inflatable, light and developed in brilliant colours, open water swim buoys help make you visible to others in open water.

Or drifting and relaxing quietly under the sun?

You can also count on PVC! Nothing says summer swimming fun like a PVC inflatable floating mattress. They are synonymous for outdoor holiday fun and relaxing times. Inflatable floating mattresses also come in bright colours and all shapes and designs, from your favourite sweets to storybook characters. Don’t forget to pack your floating mattress on your next holiday!

From first swimming lessons…

For over 50 years, PVC swimming buoys have been successfully used by swimming schools to teach children to swim. They are the perfect solution to ensure your children feel comfortable in the water and can safely learn to swim.

… to summer swimming fun at home

A brightly coloured PVC inflatable pool in the backyard can lead to hours of fun, especially for smaller children. Compared to a traditional swimming pool, they are inexpensive, easy to set up and move, and simple to clean and maintain. Combined with inflatable toys - available in a huge range of styles, shapes and colours - they are great fun for children of all ages.

PVC, your durable partner in leisure!

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