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Vynova Research Highlights Impressive Longevity of PVC Pipes

PVC pipes have been used to establish safe drinking water systems since the 1930s and most of these are still in use. In addition to their long expected lifespan – in excess of 100 years – recent research conducted by Vynova has demonstrated that PVC pipes are highly suited for mechanical recycling.

Innovations in PVC: Solar Roofing Membrane

The flat roofs of commercial buildings and apartment blocks have historically been notorious for water problems. No roof is ever completely flat, causing water to pond in certain areas. Eventually this water finds its way through to the building below. Concrete is actually a permeable material, so the last line of defence is the roof sheeting chosen to seal the roof. PVC was first introduced as a roofing membrane in the1960s, and has become a material of choice in the industry due to its durability and resistance to leaks.

Innovations in PVC: Transparent Pipes for Biofuel Production

Although it may be hard to believe, biofuels have been around for as long as the automobile. Original diesel engine designs were built on the principle of using peanut oil as a fuel source. Henry Ford actually intended to use ethanol as a fuel, but the rise in availability of fossil fuels at low costs led to their dominance as a fuel source. 

Innovations in PVC: How PVC Makes Hospital Interiors Safer, More Comfortable and Durable

It may seem unusual to link innovations in PVC with hospital interiors. PVC has long been known as a hard-wearing product, which is easy to clean. However, innovations involving antimicrobial additives have now made PVC interiors an integral part of the international public health strategy to prevent the transfer of infections.

Innovations in PVC: Luxury Vinyl Tiles

The origins of vinyl flooring stretch back to the 1920s, when Waldo Lonsbury Semon first produced what is now called plasticised polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It was developed as a floor covering in 1933, due to its resilience and ease of cleaning. Until the 1990s, vinyl flooring was mainly confined to commercial buildings, hospitals, and other high traffic areas.


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