Reliable, Sustainable, Resourceful: Introducing Vynova’s New Tagline

At Vynova, we are committed to continuous improvement. That’s why we have taken a good look at our company DNA to distill the characteristics that truly define us.

Not just to show our stakeholders what we stand for, but also to keep us focussed internally.

First of all, we aim to be a strong and reliable partner for our customers, suppliers and for the communities in which we operate our businesses.

Secondly, we embrace sustainability and strive to balance economic success with social and environmental responsibility.

Last but not least, we are committed to finding the right solutions to delight our customers and help them turn challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.

We have summed up these elements in our new tagline:

Reliable. Sustainable. Resourceful.

Three keywords that capture the essence of what we continually strive to achieve as a leading European PVC and chlor-alkali company.


Our commitment to reliability is built upon a strategy that puts the facilities, systems and corporate culture in place to meet our customers' needs.

We have a network of manufacturing sites across Europe with more than one facility producing each major product. PVC is made in Wilhelmshaven (Germany), Mazingarbe (France) and Beek (the Netherlands). We produce caustic soda at our sites in Tessenderlo (Belgium) and Runcorn (UK). And we are proud to be the only producer of KOH and other potassium derivatives with two manufacturing sites in Europe: in Tessenderlo (Belgium) and at our affiliated site in Thann (France).

The supply flexibility offered by our production set-up is complemented by our connection to a vast and efficient distribution network comprising logistic solutions via rail, ship, pipeline and truck.


For us, sustainability is about balancing ‘people, planet and profit’: we strive to couple economic success with social equity and environmental responsibility. We recognise our responsibilities and take them seriously - to keep people safe and preserve the environment for future generations. We pursue these goals throughout the life cycle of our products - from development to disposal.

We demonstrate our commitment to sustainability by participating in several industry initiatives and pledges. We are an active member of VinylPlus®, the voluntary sustainable development programme of the European PVC industry. To help prevent plastic pellet and powder loss into the environment, we have signed the Operation Clean Sweep® pledge and implemented a variety of measures addressing PVC powder loss at our sites.

We also participate in a number of key initiatives of Responsible Care®, a global chemical industry commitment to drive continuous improvement in Security, Safety, Health and Environmental performance. In addition, we are a member of Euro Chlor, the European chlor-alkali industry organisation which promotes industry best practices aimed at public health, production safety, and environmental protection, along with sustainable chlorine applications.


Under the strategic guidance of our shareholder, the International Chemical Investors Group (ICIG), we have undertaken massive investments in state-of-the-art production technology, making our production processes more reliable, sustainable and energy efficient. And together with our customers and partners, our research & development laboratories are working on a number of key innovation projects.

Even though we are a young company - founded in 2015 - we can draw upon decades of experience operating under the umbrella of major international chemical groups. Every day we use that experience to positively impact our customers’ business needs, supplying high-quality products that play a key role in manufacturing numerous goods that improve our quality of life.

Our recent accolades at the Best Polymer Producers Awards for Europe, during which we won both the PVC category award and the overarching award on Polymer Quality, are a sign that our customers value our on-going efforts. Such signs of appreciation only give us more motivation to keep working hard and earn that recognition every single day.

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