Vynova is a leading European PVC and chlor-alkali company. We operate production sites in five countries and have over 1,275 employees, realising an annual turnover of 1 billion euros in 2023. Our products play a key role in manufacturing numerous industrial products and consumer goods that improve our quality of life.

Established in 2015, Vynova is the chlor-vinyls platform of the International Chemical Investors Group (ICIG). Although we are a young company, we possess decades of expertise gained under the umbrella of major international chemical groups.

Our product offerings are comprised of multiple grades of suspension PVC (S-PVC), KOH and other potassium derivatives, caustic soda (NaOH) and sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl).

As a responsible manufacturer, we embrace sustainability and act with respect for the environment and the communities in which we operate. Our network of manufacturing sites includes plants in Tessenderlo (Belgium), Wilhelmshaven (Germany), Mazingarbe (France), Beek (the Netherlands) and Runcorn (UK) as well as an affiliated site in Thann (France).

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We aim to be a strong and reliable partner for our customers, suppliers and for the communities in which we operate our businesses. We are able to reliably supply consistently high-quality products to a wide range of industries, thanks to our state-of-the-art production technology, broad range of supply chain solutions and network of manufacturing plants in key European markets.

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We embrace sustainability, balancing economic success with social and environmental responsibility. As a reliable manufacturer, we act with respect for the environment and the communities in which we operate. Our products contribute towards a sustainable future, enabling innovation to help a growing world population achieve a better quality of life. For more information, please visit our Sustainability page.

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Our experienced teams are committed to positively impact our customers’ business needs. Building on decades of chemical manufacturing expertise, we are dedicated to finding the right solutions to delight our customers and help them turn challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.


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As a leading European PVC producer, our product range and services provide competitive and effective solutions for a wide variety of industrial and consumer applications. Building on our many years of technical expertise and our strong regional presence, we work every day to be your supplier of choice.


Main product, sodium hydroxide also known as caustic soda lye


We are a major European manufacturer of sodium hydroxide (NaOH), an industrial commodity that is also known as caustic soda. Our extensive distribution network and state-of-the-art production facilities allow us to reliably supply caustic soda to a wide range of industries, playing a pivotal role in the manufacture of numerous industrial and consumer products.


Main product, salt extraction for the production of potassium derivatives


As the only producer of KOH and other potassium derivatives with two manufacturing sites in Europe, we offer our customers unique and flexible logistics solutions and a highly reliable supply. Combined with our extensive product portfolio, this makes us Europe’s premier and most reliable one-stop-shop for potassium derivatives.


Main product, Vinyl intermediates pile of vinyl pipes


We are a key manufacturer of ethylene dichloride (EDC) and vinyl chloride monomer (VCM), two essential building blocks for the production of PVC. Our integrated vinyls manufacturing operations and extensive supply chain infrastructure allow us to ensure a safe and reliable supply of both EDC and VCM.


Main product, hydrochloric acid for metal treatment


Hydrochloric acid (HCl) plays an important role in the manufacture of numerous consumer products. Our state-of-the-art production process enables us to produce one of the purest forms of synthetic hydrochloric acid on the market, suitable for use in food and pharmaceutical applications.


Main product, water treatment with sodium hypochlorite


We supply sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl), commonly known as bleach, from two sites that use state-of-the-art membrane electrolysis technology. Our product portfolio includes various qualities and concentrations of NaOCl, to meet specific customer needs for a variety of applications.



"Vynova’s birth mid of 2015 was not the result of free will, but of an in-depth analysis of European PVC market done by Direction Generale Competition in Brussels, when the two formerly leading European PVC companies ought to be merged together. Albeit the significant and persistant increase of European PVC price level particularly in 2017 was not mitigated, the foundation of Vynova has definitely helped to limit the effects of the merge and to keep a certain balance between European PVC converters and producers. This would not have been possible without the strong commitment by the whole Vynova team incl. Management and Owner to implement Vynova as a stable, reliable and long-term source in the European PVC landscape. We would like to confirm that these efforts were and continue to be successful, ranking Vynova amongst the leading and most capable European PVC companies. Win of Best Polymer Producers Award for Europe 2018 is nothing else than consequent and well deserved. "

Wolf-Henning Daum, Director Corporate Purchasing, RENOLIT SE

"Vynova are an important supplier and key partner for our business. They have consistently provided quality PVC and achieved excellent service levels to meet our business needs. They take a flexible approach and accommodate changing scenarios which demonstrates they take time to listen, understand and support our objectives."

Angela Carroll, Head of Procurement, Eurocell PLC.

"Vynova is one of our key PVC suppliers for SIMONA AG European focused business. Key advantages of Vynova are that they are quality orientated, provide reliable customer service and technical service, and have a suitable product portfolio across locations.
Vynova understands and takes very seriously delivery reliability, as one of their highest responsibilities with their partners."

Markus Nikodemus, Global Lead Buyer Raw Material, SIMONA AG

"Vynova has been very responsive to the changing needs of the markets and has helped us grow our market position."

Sami Khouri, Senior Product Manager, ICC Chemical Corporation

"Vynova has cooperated with Kaneka Belgium in order to validate the performance of Kane Ace MP110. In the test made by Vynova, the new all acrylic polymeric softener showed a low volatility and an excellent migration resistance."

Kristiaan Van Everbroeck, Chief Technical Service Modifier Group High Performance Polymers Division, Kaneka

"Chemours Belgium successfully collaborated on several projects with Vynova Tessenderlo and Wilhelmshaven. We were impressed by the level of expertise and attention to detail of the Vynova staff and enjoyed working together in a very professional and friendly way.
At Chemours we are always ready to bring solutions to our customers’ needs and therefore we were pleased to see that Vynova keeps a similar level of customer centricity. This way we have established an excellent relationship of trust between two leading co-suppliers to the PVC industry.
We are looking forward to a continued business relationship in the future."

Geert Sterkendries, Technical Service Consultant Plastics Applications Titanium Technologies, Chemours Belgium BVBA

"If we talk about ‘preferred suppliers’ then Vynova is a very good example for the Tessenderlo PPS group.
In the past two years, Vynova has managed the market situations (demand fluctuations, supply issues, force majeure) for us without flaws, always assuring that material is delivered in the right quantity, in the right quality, at the right time and in the right place!"

Theo Timmerman, Group Strategic Sourcing, PPS

"We are proud to be partner of Vynova, for the excellent service provide by the sales team and technical assistance. The high quality of the materials, regular availabilities of PVC and the excellent logistic service. We consider Vynova one of the most trustable player in the PVC market."

Luisella Fornaroli, Company President, Fornaroli Polymers SpA

"Wir betrachten Vynova als einen starken Partner für unser Unternehmen. Vynova zeigt, dass sie die Wertschöpfungskette von Vinyls verstehen. Um unser Unternehmen erfolgreich führen zu können, ist u.a. die Lieferzuverlässigkeit von entscheidender Bedeutung. Das Vynova-Team versteht dieses, und hat bewiesen, dass sie unseren Anforderungen höchste Priorität einräumen.
Wir freuen uns, dass Vynova zu unseren Schlüssellieferanten gehört."

Holger Büscherhoff, Managing Director, Gebr. Ostendorf Kunststoffe GmbH

"We are very satisfied with the commercial relationship and the technical support from Vynova. Vynova is a reliable partner."

Gerlinde van der Zee, Strategic Buyer, Beaphar

"Vynova is an important key partner for our business. They continue to deliver upon their promises, excellent service levels and cooperation across their organization to meet our requirements."

Fatma Özananar, Purchasing Manager, Granulat2000

"Vynova is an important supplier and is a key partner for our business in CYPRUS. They have consistently provided the highest service levels we require to meet our business needs.
We consider Vynova to be a strong partner for our business. They understand our business and have shown that they place our needs as highest priority. Vynova’s team continue to deliver excellent service levels and cooperation across their organization to meet our requirements. Vynova demonstrates that they understand the Vinyls value chain and we are delighted that they are one of our key suppliers."

Antigoni Bimba, Owner, Globalchem Ltd.

"We have been working with Vynova since its foundation in 2015. The quality consistency of the SPVC resins S7102 and S6830, professional technical support and clear orientation to customer needs are drivers for us to select this resin producer. We are confident that cooperation with such a supplier as Vynova is a key element of our sustainable growth, aimed at achieving the best technical standards for our PVC compositions.
We count on Vynova’s policy consistency, which is reflected in Vynova undoubtedly deserving the award as the best European PVC manufacturer of the highest quality material in 2018."

Vadim Babij, Managing Director, Padana Chemical Compounds

"I am pleased to have a well-established relationship with the company Vynova, and have enjoyed a long and successful purchasing history based on trust and Vynova’s ability to manage customer needs to the very highest standards."

Andrzej Kaczmarek, Company Co-owner, Kaczmarek Malew

"Being with Vynova since the beginning, we can say that we are very pleased with the quality of the service levels that the company provides. Vynova is our key supplier and our most reliable partner. We sincerely appreciate their responsibility/understanding towards our cooperation and look forward to doing business with Vynova for years to come."

Gergana Yashova, Product Manager, Contilinks Ltd.

"Vynova demonstrate continuously that they understand the Vinyls value chain and we are very happy that they are one of our partners."

Geert Heijman, Regional Sales Director, Chemson B.V.

"We are very satisfied with our partnership with Vynova. They have perfectly integrated our needs and understand our business. The service level is excellent and the quality of their product is a reference. We are delighted that they are one of our key partner."

Fabrice Guillermain – Deputy General Manager Commercial, Snetor

"The Vynova Company has been a key partner for NAFTACHIM for many years. Rapid reaction to all our requests, the high level of technical support and high qualification of the personnel fully satisfy all our requirements for efficient and high-quality work. The high quality of their products is the additional driver for our decision to work together. Their polyvinylchloride resins are proven in all segments of processing, namely: pipes, panels, flexible, window profile that meet all modern requirements and therefore has a high appeal."

Marina Trunova, Head of foreign trade department, IFG NAFTACHIM LLC