Vynova signs the Antwerp Declaration for a European Industrial Deal

Christophe André, CEO of Vynova Group, has signed the Antwerp Declaration on behalf of the company. The Antwerp Declaration calls upon EU and national policymakers to take 10 urgent actions to restore competitiveness of industry in Europe.

“As a leading European PVC and chlor-alkali company, we are fully committed to driving the transformation towards a more sustainable and circular chemical industry. However, the energy-intensive industry is faced with major challenges that severely compromise this transformation and threaten its survival in Europe. Energy and environment-related costs are too high and are undermining the competitiveness of European basic industries. As a result, investments in Europe are stagnating and moving to other parts of the world. This is why we strongly support the call for a European Industrial Deal to create the conditions for a stronger business case in Europe and pave the way for a resilient and sustainable Europe making the Green Deal work,” says Christophe André.

To overcome European industry’s challenges, the Antwerp Declaration outlines 10 urgent actions to revitalise Europe's industrial landscape, ensuring basic industry sectors can be competitive, resilient and sustainable in the face of dire economic conditions. 

The actions include putting the EU Industrial Deal at the core of the next EU Strategic Agenda for 2024-2029, streamlining legislation, and transforming Europe into a global leader in providing abundant and affordable low-carbon energy through strategic partnerships and infrastructure. The Declaration also calls upon policymakers to boost demand for sustainable products and to establish a new spirit of law-making that incentivises investments.

The Antwerp Declaration was launched at a European Industry Summit in Antwerp, supported by leaders from a wide range of basic industry sectors that represent 7.8 million workers in Europe, and emphasises the vital importance of clarity, predictability, and confidence in Europe's industrial policy.

For more information: antwerp-declaration.eu

About Vynova
Vynova is a leading European PVC and chlor-alkali company. Our products play a key role in manufacturing numerous industrial products and consumer goods that improve our quality of life. With production sites in five countries and more than 1,275 committed employees, we generated annual sales of 1.8 billion euros in 2022.
Established in 2015, Vynova is the chlor-vinyls platform of the International Chemical Investors Group (ICIG). Our product offering comprises multiple grades of suspension PVC (S-PVC), KOH and other potassium derivatives, caustic soda (NaOH) and sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl).

For more information, visit www.vynova-group.com.

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Yannick Brusselmans