Muscle up your performance with Vynova PVC

Thanks to its excellent functional qualities, PVC is a great material for sports equipment and protective gear, suitable for both top athletes and recreational amateurs. From your first steps to competing at the highest level, PVC is your durable partner in sports.

Affordable quality equipment for all sports

PVC is not only used in sport shoes but is also the material of choice for protective equipment and mats used in gymnastics, athletics, martial arts or yoga, for boxing bags and many more sporting goods. PVC is simply used in virtually every sport, from football to rugby through golf to sailing. Athletes can also rely on sturdy PVC bags to carry their sporting gear and apparel.

Safe equipment for kids starting out …

Ultra-safe PVC equipment provides children with the protective environments and safety to begin to test their skills and learn to push their boundaries during practice and competition. Think landing mats, padded protectors or rescue buoys, all designed to make sports safer and more enjoyable.

… as well as for athletes at the top of their game

Whether indoor or outdoor, the quality of an activity surface is critical to performance and safety. Handball, volleyball, basketball, badminton and table tennis are among the many sports that are played on high-performance, safe and low-maintenance PVC flooring.

Heavy rain, strong seas or blazing sunshine also present no problem to PVC. From protective clothing to retractable stadium roofs and fully climate-controlled indoor complexes, PVC is your durable partner in sports allowing you to enjoy sport no matter the conditions.

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Vynova is a leading European producer of high-quality PVC resins. We operate PVC manufacturing sites in Germany, France and the Netherlands. Products manufactured from our PVC resins bring water and light into our homes, provide comfort while reducing energy use and improve the quality of our daily life. Contact one of our PVC sales representatives or find out more about our PVC grade portfolio here.


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